A Palette of Autumn Colours

The day started with a frosty crisp to the ground, so I left it until the afternoon to head out with my sketchbook, wrapped up warm and excited about my sketching adventure. I’m captivated by the incredible Autumn colours at Hergest. I’ve not wandered far to get a collection of red leaves- not only this…

Inspired by the Gingko

I’m sat under the Gingko Biloba tree in Hergest Croft gardens. I had an urge to be with this tree and sketch its leaf today. The busy week is floating away as I breathe in the smell of Autumn. The sun is shining and the wind has picked up the rustling leaves in the trees….


“Thank you for inspiring me to be creative! You are a brilliant teacher and really good at making people believe they can have a go. I have been so excited about the idea of painting all day!”   Sharon Thomas

Sketching at Hergest Croft Gardens

Today, I’ve been out in the sunshine sketching in Hergest Croft Gardens.  I was exploring the treasures that Autumn brings us, with the beautiful  palette of leaf colours fluttering from the trees before me.  The beech leaves and seed husks caught my eye and a few made it into my pocket. I found the perfect…

Sketching in Norway

  Sketching on the Lofoten Islands, Norway. In early September I ventured to the Lofoten Islands for a well earned break. Whilst I was there, I wanted time with my sketchbook. I’m so glad I did. I connected much more by  drawing my view,  compared to the click of my camera. My sketches mean so…