Sketchbook Friday

Sketching the buds on the Weeping Beech Tree

I love my Sketchbook Friday’s every two weeks. It gives me some quality time outside in the landscape with my sketchbook in my hand.

With a bright blue sky and the sunshine out to play, I went to sketch whatever caught my eye. The weeping beech buds and a seed casing still on the tree had me stitched to the spot. I sketched and painted with watercolours and added Carandache pencil last on top. I love looking at nature in detail, it’s amazing what you spot.

The air was fresh, it felt good to be out exploring. A woodpecker was knocking behind me. A nuthatch was feeding on the tree next to me. A robin rocked up to say hello and fed on some worms under the tree.

I had some creative visitors today. @annakayart was in the area and @rebeccareynold935 (on Instagram) both came to say hello, wander around to explore and catch up which is lovely thing to do. We studied the gorgeous leaf skeletons of the hydrangea leaves which Anna said looked like lace. They were so beautiful and inspiring to see. The fury buds of the magnolias also had me captivated today.

Hydrangea skeleton leaves like lace
Fury magnolia buds

I hope you’ve been outside to discover what the seasons bring each month without falter. I would love to hear what you’ve discovered.

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