Sketching with an Ancient Tree

Ancient Ash Tree

I’ve been itching to sketch this fabulous tree, whilst it sketched with me. So today, with my rucksack, out of the door I went to spend some time with this ancient tree. First, I set the materials up so the tree could sketch. Then, with my Seawhite of Brighton Pocket Concertina, I created a sketch myself to add another amazing tree to my wandering collection.

Sketching the Ancient Ash Tree in my Seawhite of Brighton Concertina Sketchbook

As the tree and I sketched together, a green woodpecker called in the parkland and I could feel the rain in the air. So I quickly captured my drawing of the tree in my sketchbook and checked to see how the tree was getting on, while I waited for my Wildthorne and Windsor and Newton paints to dry.

The Ancient Ash Tree sketching with the wind

It was such a lovely experience sending time with this amazing tree, with us both (the tree and me), creating simultaneously. The tree drawings by different trees will feature at the Land into Art Exhibition at the Made in the Marches Gallery, Herefordshire from the 2nd September.

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  1. I had no idea trees were painters, too. 😊 Thank you for enlightening me. 🌳🎨

    1. They are such delicate sketchers and are all different. I love watching them create. 🍃

      1. I will start to pay attention to their creations! 🙂

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