Thank You for joining Sketch Across the World!

Debbie McKinnon sketched from Bouddi National Park, Australia.

Last Weekend with Sketchbooks in hand, we came together across the World, for some time-out to sketch and connect with nature.

It’s a wrap folks! A massive thank you to everyone who joined in with #sketchacrosstheworld on the 2nd and 3rd May, 2020. At this very challenging time, there has been an overwhelming response this year, I’m still going through all your sketches. It’s been an amazing way to travel virtually, connecting with each other, bringing the outside in through our nature sketches.

We literally sketched across the World, covering 6 Continents, including Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America. South Georgia, the Island in the Atlantic, comes under South America, so lightly connected to this continent, with Antartica close to its South.

You joined in from the following places in the World:

Australia South Africa
New Zealand South Georgia
Indonesia Caribbean
Philippines Hawaii
Malaysia North Carolina
Singapore Arizona
Hong Kong Maryland
Russia Wisconsin
India Ontario
Israel New York
Slovenia Vermont
Latvia Pennsylvania
Greece California
Switzerland New Mexico
Spain British Columbia
Netherlands Vancouver Island
Germany Montreal
Sweden Texas
Norway Indiana
Portugal Yukon
Scotland Kentucky
Northern Ireland Alberta
Wales Virginia
England Idaho
Oregon Florida
Alaska Colorado
Where artists joined in from for Sketch Across the World (not in any order)

An amazing 205 artists took part over the weekend producing 260 sketches, all sharing nature in your part of the World. From the 15 school children and teacher in Hong Kong sharing their views, to the plants in your window and the birds you could see, to your garden in France and the path you took in Spain to glimpse the sea and sketched for the first time since lockdown; to the islands, where we could imagine we could be. And for those with wilderness on their doorstep, they went out into to the bush or to the Mountain top. What an adventure it has been!

Sketch Across the World Gallery

With a cup of tea in hand and a comfy seat, you can travel with us across the World and take some much needed time-out in nature. By clicking on the images below you can access the Sketch Across the World Gallery on Instagram. If you are on Instagram you can search for the hashtag gallery #sketchacrosstheworld

Thank you so much to everyone who has taken part! The weekend felt like a community creating in nature, producing a Global Sketchbook, as a Max Romy called it! It’s been truly amazing and uplifting! I’ve been so inspired by your creativity, I will definitely be trying them out on my outdoor adventures!

I look forward to seeing you the same time next year, the first weekend in May, if you would like to do this again?

I will be looking through all your sketches for a while, and having a little rest in nature before I come back to share some of your experiences from last weekend. I look forward to seeing your creative adventures with nature on Instagram. Have fun!

Katherine Owen
The Walking Sketchbook

What’s Next?

If you enjoyed Sketch Across the World you might be interested in International Nature Journaling Week and Moment Sketchers. Also happening at the moment is the Save the Bees Art Challenge on until the 20th May, 2020, see the hashtag on Instagram #bewithbeeschallenge2020

On the first week of June (1st -7th) you can join in with International Nature Journaling Week, taking place this year, setup by Bethan at Journaling with Nature. By clicking on the link or the picture above, you can find out more about it and sign up to the blogs to inspire you, leading up to the event. You will see me there!

At the beginning of each month you can also find me taking part in Moment Sketchers a Global Community of sketchers who come together to sketch, founded by Candace Rardon. So, if you are looking for a monthly community you would love it here! Thank you so much to Moment Sketchers for sharing and joining in with Sketch Across the World this year!

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  1. Sigrun says:

    Thank you so much for hosting this, and encouraging us to sketch!

    1. Thank you so much Sigrun for joining in. It has been amazing and so inspiring to see all the sketches and connections with nature from across the World! 🌿

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