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The Sketchacrosstheworld Project came about through wanting to encourage those who have not sketched before, or not picked up a pencil for a while or mostly sketch indoors, for a weekend in May to try venturing outside to sketch and connect with nature.   A chance to dip your toe in the creative water.

In need of some inspiration? Head over to look through my blog and see if some of my creative adventures inspire you. You could capture the essence of where you are, through just drawing shapes, lines and adding colour you are drawn to, or painting with plants. Go for a walk and collect nature treasures to create LandArt or wander up on a hill to paint with the wind. Whatever you chose to have a go with, it might be your first attempt, I’ve been in those moments- fear of a blank page followed by complete elation with what you’ve created.

The richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration.

Claude Monet

Join The Walking Sketchbook and folk from all over the World to capture your favourite place whilst connecting with nature. Share your creations on Instagram by adding the hashtag #sketchacrosstheworld

Looking forward to you joining in and seeing your creative adventures on the weekend of the 4th & 5th May, 2019.


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To look, to see, to understand, to capture – however imperfectly – is to be part of the land in a way like no other. 

Jan Blencowe – Art-quotes.com