Sketch Across the World 2021

On the 4th & 5th September with Sketchbooks in hand, we gathered together across the World, for some time-out sketching in nature.

Thank you so much to everyone who joined in, what an adventure we went on. Its so inspiring to see your creativity and connections with nature from @penndblue Sketching morning glory on your balcony on a rainy day in Yokohama, Japan, to @alittlemealittlehue heading into the landscape on an adventure in glacier National Park Montana. I’ve enjoyed every moment and added a link to the gallery of images at the end of this post and some highlights from the weekend. So grab a cuppa and get comfy and enjoy the virtual travel adventure.

Walk Sketch by @sepiaandglitter on Instagram, I love the way this walk has been captured on the page, the wiggly words around the sketches.

In a year where we are still far away from things being normal, its been an amazing way to travel virtually, to so many parts of the World through our sketch adventures in nature.

Where you joined in for Sketch Across the World 2021.

We started off in Australia with @alissaduke1 Sketching her birds in the garden, to @mtenente in Zurich captured the Wunderbaum, the wonder tree whilst a green lizard and blackbird looked on. Then we headed to the West Coast of Scotland where @janoliver5_art sketch a windswept tree. In between many of you were braving the weather heading out for your adventures. @barbacni ventured out in France capturing nature through Sketching and walking, whilst @woodlandinspirations also in France joined in with a tree drawing. So lovely to see. Across the Atlantic Ocean we go with @livingbeingmindfulness taking moments in her garden in the Prince Edward region, Ontario. Feeling inspired to do lots more nature journaling in her new journal.

The most Northerly sketch came from @iza.bergqvist from the Middle of Sweden, Iza was inspired by her walk in nature. The most Southerly sketch and such and so exciting to receive came from Klara Weaver @drweaverexplores at the Rothera Research Station on Antarctica, where Klara sketched a Weddell Seal. I was so excited to see this sketch in the gallery connecting us to the most Remote location joining Sketch Across the World.

A Weddell Seal 🦭 sketched by @drweaverexplores Antarctica

Here are some highlights: 🌱 109 artists took part across 6 Continents, including Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. We literally sketched across the World. You join in from Join from, Alberta, Australia, Antarctica, California, Colorado, Denmark, England, Florida, France, Germany, Hawaiian Island of Maui, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Maryland, Montana, Netherlands, New York, North Carolina, Ontario, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tennessee, Texas, Vancouver Island, Virginia, Wales.

🌱 177 sketches created over the weekend, sharing nature from the 6 school children and teacher in Hong Kong sharing their views, to the plants and the birds you could see in your garden, to the glimpses of landscapes you wanted to explore. To the Island of Maui, Hawaii Island where a painting was created in the mist 🌫 on Haleakalā, what an incredible place to be. And for those with wilderness on their doorstep, you went out into to the bush or to the Mountain top. Capturing soaring white tailed eagles in Denmark, wallabies in Ikra National Park Australia, a short eared owl on Orkney, to a seal 🦭 on Antarctica. What an adventure it has been!

🌱 1st Sketch arrived from @alissaduke1 in Melbourne, Australia. Alissa spent an hour sketching birds in her garden.

The first sketch of a magpie @alissaduke1

🌱 49 Landscapes Sketches, 42 Trees Sketches, 39 Plant Sketches, 10 Nature Sketches, 4 Drawings by trees, 6 River Sketches, 4 Bird sketches, 7 inspired by the sea, a few examples of the areas of nature you created in over the weekend.

🌱 The Longest Sketch was created by @susanpriestart in Derbyshire, England sketching in her A4 Concertina Sketchbook a whopping 32 pages making it 22 feet long. A group (or a Bevy) of Swans came to admire this amazing creation.

The Longest Sketch at 22 feet by @susanpriestart

🌱 The Highest Sketch was created by Andrea Slusarski on the Monarch Pass Colorado at 11,312 Feet.

From the top of the Monarch Pass Colorado the highest sketch by Andrea Slusarski

🌱 The most amazing all weather sketching went to Maggie Sutrov @paint.there whilst hiking in Haleakala crater with the fine mist of the Maui’s Ridges joining in as she painted the ama’u ferns. That has to be a first for Sketch across the World, creating in a volcano crater.

Maggie painting with the mist in a crater on the Island of Maui, Hawaii

🌱Most inspiring sketchbook created for the event goes to Jane McGregor @bonniejanemc in the Ottawa Valley, Ontario, creating a wooden sketchbook for the weekend. So many of you created your own sketchbooks this year, I was so excited to see. I love the way the preparation has become part of the event.

A wooden sketchbook created by Jane McGregor

I love the nature connection Deborah Vass experienced whilst sitting quietly beneath canopy of an oak tree whilst sketching. A muntjac deer came close. Then she saw a stoat pursued by a rabbit, isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? The Sketch across the World adventure moved Deborah so much after a prolonged period of not creating, she found the courage to go out, after feeling anxious about starting to sketch again. Reading this made the whole sketch weekend so extra special.

Deborah Vass beautiful tree sketch adventure @deborahvasspainting

Sketch Across the World Gallery 2021

Have an adventure and travel across the World through the amazing gallery we created on Instagram for Sketch Across the World! If you love a sketch please do let people know, I hope they inspire you to try sketching outside in nature too. By clicking on the link above or on the images below you can access the gallery on Instagram. If you are on Instagram you can search for the hashtag gallery by adding #sketchacrosstheworld2021

Sketch Across the World Gallery
In the #sketchacrosstheworld2021 gallery on Instagram, from the top left @barbacni, @janetmkingwill, @denisemackstudio, @victoria.Drakeford, @penandblue, @yanyinthewillow, @rhondayoungplant, @jeffyandbetty, @alittlemealittlehue, @lizzydoone, @thewalkingsketchbook, @sianbluntart

A Big Thank you to @alicedrawstheline for all your support. I had an amazing time out in Nature Sketching over the weekend. Thank you once again everyone for joining our nature connection adventure and I hope you’ve enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to seeing your new adventures inspired by our Sketch Across the World Adventures.

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  1. Love this wishI found you sooner!

    1. Hi Barbara, thank you so much. I will look forward to you joining in next year. I post all my creative adventures on Instagram @thewalkingsketchbook 🌱

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