Leaf Printing

Printing with leaves

I’ve been out in the sunshine sat beneath a Scots Pine tree printing with leaves. Before going out I created a folding map, with rain-painting postcards for the covers, before venturing outside to create in nature. I thought it would be a day for painting shadows of plants in the sunshine, but it was too windy outside to do this. The plants were blowing around too much in the wind. So I adapted to print with leaves and I loved every minute of it.

Printing with watercolours outside (The Walking Sketchbook)

I painted onto the back of the leaves and then pressed down on the inside of my folding map. Letting it dry in the wind. Sometimes the paint dropped onto the page, but I think this adds to the creation, showing how that the wind wanted to join in.

The completed leaf print on the inside of my folding map

The printing with leaves and watercolours was relaxing to do, no design planned for today, just letting the pattern emerge. It’s such fun playing in nature in this way and so good for you. A great way to chill out following a busy week. I hope you venture outside today.

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