Painting with Snowflakes

Painting with Snowflakes – The Walking Sketchbook

Happy New Year everyone, hoping you have a year full of exciting creative adventures. Take little steps and focus on the little things in nature, it’s definitely helping me right now.

I’ve been so excited about my recent creative adventure- painting with snowflakes. We had a few snow days here and I immersed myself in creating with flakes as they fell from the sky. Someone said the creations are like poetry in motion. I quite like that thought. I can’t believe how they have turned out, they remind me of cyanotypes. They are extra special because we don’t often have snow! So they are super special to me right now.

Video of painting with snowflakes by The Walking Sketchbook

I found that watercolour paints worked best, especially handmade ones, which are a bit more gritty. I used Wildthorne and Ruby Mountain Watercolour Paints. The paint has to be wet and the smaller snowflakes are better, the larger ones have more water content so will spread out more on the page.

Printing with Leaves and Painting with snowflakes

If you have a creative adventure with the snow I would love to see your creations. Have fun!

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