Creating by the Sea

Creating with watercolour pigment, stones, seaweed and the sea

It was a beach day today! The cloud moved over to make way for the sunshine as we arrived at Aberystwyth Stony Beach.

I planned to create mixed media pieces on strips of Seawhite of Brighton Cartridge paper. With pieces prepared, rolled and clipped, I gathered my art materials on the beach. I started playing with inks, creating marks with whatever I found around me, from pebbles, to sticks to seaweed. It’s great to have time to play.

Playing with inks making marks with whatever I found around me

I wanted to create a long strip of art with my watercolour pigment paints. I’m usually creating on rainy days with these paints. Today I wanted to see if the sea spray could assist in creating. With tiny pebbles, a few larger stones and seaweed, I added drops of the watercolour pigment and then I left it close to the sea to catch the spray.

Strip of paper loaded up with stones, seaweed, tiny pebbles and watercolour pigment

As I was creating away with the inks, the sea had different ideas when adding the spray to the paper. I had to shift from my spot quickly as the water went over the paper. Whoops, I got more than I wanted, a little too much of the sea. But decided to move it and then let it dry.

I just love how the pigment has settled around the organic shapes.

Wow what an amazing pattern. It’s so inspiring to create with nature, it can show us creative processes if we let it. I went to the beach thinking of sea spray, and the sea water brought a different kind of creation to me.

Beach Discoveries

The next time you head to the beach, take your art materials with you and see what you can create.

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  1. Katherine, this post inspired me to pick up some twigs, leaves, pine cones, and stones on my 2-min walk to a ladies painting night in the neighborhood on Sunday. The host had acrylics and YouTube tutorials set up, but I pulled out my nature supplies and played with them throughout the night. So, you also inspired a table of women — and I cut the creations into postcards that I mailed off to four friends this morning. I’ll email you some pictures 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your creations, ideas, and processes!

    1. Thank you so much Rebecca for sharing your creative adventure. Reading your message made my heart sing! I’m super excited you created with your nature treasures. That my post inspired you and also a table of women through you. I would love to see some pictures. That’s an extra special thing you are doing there, mailing art postcards to your friends, especially at the moment. Love your project ‘ Encouraging Times’.

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