Sketch across the World

Sarah Lee was walking along the Offa’s Dyke path on the border of Wales and England and captured this beautiful sketch looking towards Whimble.

It’s been just over a month since the World Sketch Project, when many of you reading this joined in. I’m so excited how it went, and so inspired by the creativity and connection to nature, the landscape around you that came through engaging with #sketchacrosstheworld

From the very first sketch that came in from Kittu Paul in North India in the lap of the Himalaya, created on a rest day in the tiny village of Ramma. I was blown away by the sense of place conveyed through the sketch. I felt I was following in the footsteps of Kittu on this incredible adventure. It was a day where he chose not to take his camera, but his sketchbook and pens whilst out spotting birds.

Ramma, a tiny village in the lap of the Himalaya, sketched by Kittu Paul.

I found it so compelling that some folk joining in submitted more than one sketch, something I didn’t think would happen, but super pleased that you did. From the Himalayas, I found myself stepping onto the beach with the water lapping at my feet in The Seychelles, thanks to Clara Anganuzzi, who brought us her view. After enjoying the beach I was in a quiet spot in Covent Garden, a nook with a horse statue view, which Tom Napper had managed to find. The busy streets are challenging for most whilst sketching, but he said, “Turns out there are quiet spots for drawing all over the place if you keep your eyes peeled. “

From here we ventured to the other side of the world to Australia where Polly Barstow from Melbourne took us for a walk in the rain with her dog and captured her view of the park. She showed us that whatever the weather it’s possible to have a go. Amanda Thompson in Queensland had better Autumn weather and on our walk here we saw a bottlebrush branch and heard wind in the distant trees and a hidden frog making some noises, all sounds helping us to connect with this nature sketching experience. @journalingwithnature took us out to a local pond to sketch what she could see, the dragonfly touching down on the water and the paperbark birch trees reflecting in the water. Kafeen from Queensland then took us for a walk around her local area and she captured one of the old buildings, creating a sense of place in time. South of Sydney, Colleen Reagon took us into her garden, where the dahlia’s were still blooming longer than expected, due to the longer season as they move into winter.

In the UK, Angela Hennessy @raspberrythief, an inspiring nature connector, took us on a run with her kids and created a sensory sketch. With some wind fallen #pockethitchhikers pigments, she connected with nature and created with it too. On another adventure she took us into Sherwood Forest where it was so special to stand amongst old trees. @Ma-creative took us on a walk in the countryside in his local area, where we took in the view, admiring the treescape on Haughmond Hill. Ali Foxon @boggydoodles took time out up in the Peaks to the sound of the curlew and met a Hare running towards her on the path. Alex Jacob- Whitworth joined us from the Lake District, capturing this beautiful landscape, shown below (the last one in UK Gallery). With so many fabulous people across the UK joining in, I thought I would share all the sketches for you to see. I love the different art mediums which have been shared, from print-making from sketches of nature themselves, to cyanotypes using the power of sunshine, to collages of a landscape. What incredible nature connection we have experienced. Each one a special memory in time.

In France, Deryn Abraham’s took us up into the Alpes. I loved the coolness in the air, the altitude, experiencing being high up to capture the view of the rocks and trees. The sense of adventure, but richness of the sense of place. Also from France in Saint-Bonnet-Elvert, @woodlandinspiration joined us to sketch the spring flowers and view, to the Spring sound we look out for, of the cuckoo. Whilst @mirglis Sarah Van Der Linder shared the sunset, together with a video of the sounds whilst there. It was so beautiful and atmospheric.

@miss._helen took us for a lovely wander in Jardins Del Teatre in Barcelona where she captured a view in pencil and then coloured the scene for us. I really enjoyed this process of experiencing a place differently depending on whether you introduce colour. Both work so well. Hazel @hidden_egg took us for a pancake inspired wander to Bruges where we lapped up the beautiful market taking place. I can almost smell the chocolate in the air. A special adventure was planned for this weekend with @speckledhandart in Berlin, where we discovered nature around us with the help of her daughter. She shared some wonderful tips on painting outside. Such as; ‘Is not as scary as I sometimes afraid it will be.’

In Crema in Italy, Serena Marangon stayed close to home and did not let the weather stop her creative adventure and she embraced the rain to capture this beautiful view. Sarah Galankis-Moore took us to the beach, where she sketched what she discovered. I love the capture of the wispy grasses found by her feet, which we often don’t see, but she chose to sketch them. @didyouseathat creates sketches using things found on the beach, I just love this, such fun!

Next on our World creative adventure we land in South Africa where @janetmkingwill took us on a wander to the river to capture her view, with the different reeds, shrubs and the river bed. A chance to appreciate what’s so close around us. The end of the day in Udaipur, Rajasthan was celebrated by capturing the sunset by @eclectic_palette . Following a bit of time @backpacktravelsketch shared a sketch from Kuala Lumpur, where the unbearable heat wave stopped an outdoor adventure, but still joined in to share the weather challenges that we are no experiencing. Appreciation of home and where the Asado is was shared by @candacerardon in Uruguay, taking us to South America. Celebrating where family comes together and a sketch of firewood, the fuel for the fire for the grill. The place where stories come together, similar to us through sharing our sketches.

From the heat we head to North America where on the day the weather was mixed, but where you could you made your way out for a sketch adventure. Most close to home, out on your own or sharing these special adventures with others. Nature connections really came through, from flowers discovered, to listening to the sounds around you. Creating with handmade paints was an inspiring addition in this part of the World.

Heading North we ventured to Canada where the first spring flowers were being discovered by @sschaedel and trying out sketching outside. @treava1 went to Point Pelee, where so many nature connection adventures were had. We had a serendipitous moment when @brenda.kaya had sketched and doodled on stones on the same day last year! Connecting with water and the stones before you. A snow blizzard up in the Yukon prevented @judyinyukon from getting out, so sketched from inside and has since made her outdoor creative adventure.

One Continent which I didn’t think we would reach was Antarctica! But on the Saturday evening, I nearly fell off the sofa when it arrived on the hashtag. Thank you Deidre Mitchell @deirdelizmitch and the group of folk on the Rothera Research Centre who joined in. Strong winds and snow stopped them getting out, with them being in the depths of winter. But they still brought this wilderness to us by sharing a seal experience from a few days earlier for #sketchacrosstheworld Thank you so much.

It’s been an incredible World adventure and I’ve loved every minute. Seeing you venture outside for your creative adventures and sharing your nature connections have been extra special.

“Together we covered all 7 continents of the World”

I hope you’ve enjoyed it to and you are looking forward to next year and the first weekend in May, when we can do it all again. So plenty of time to plan your adventure and build on this year.

“Thank you once again everyone for joining our outdoor nature connection adventure.”

Katherine Owen
The Walking Sketchbook

Opportunity: If you would like a monthly challenge, you can join in with Moment Sketchers. (@momentsketchers on Instagram).

#sketchacrosstheworld Gallery for you to see all those who took part and folk who have been inspired since to join in. I will be following up with another Blog soon- Inspired by Sketch Across the World.

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  1. That was awesome! I’ll participate next time ! 🙂

    1. Hey Holly, thank you! So looking forward to you joining in next time. 🎨🍃

  2. Thank you really enjoyed joining in xxx

    1. Thank you so much Lisa for joining in. Looking forward to next years adventure. 🍃

  3. What an incredible journey this was! I’m so glad to have been in on it. I loved your recap. Seeing all of the sketched snapshots from around the world was wonderful 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Madison for your lovely feedback and being part of the journey. It was really special to look back and take the trip around the World via this blog. Im so please it inspired so many to venture outside to be creative and connect with nature. 🍃

  4. Amanda says:

    What a wonderful blog about that weekend. Brought back soothing memories of my sketch and many of the others too. Thank you for creating this for ius all.

    1. Thank you so much Amanda for taking part. It’s been so lovely to go back through the weekend adventure and absorb everyone’s creative posts. 🍃

  5. sarblee says:

    Wow! Thank you for using my picture. It’s made my day.



    1. Hey Sarah, I love your sketch. Every time I see it, it makes me smile. Such a beautiful style. Thank you for joining Sketch Across the World and for sharing your work. 🍃

  6. I can’t paint or sketch, but I am awed by all this collective giftedness. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pieces of art.

    1. Hi Tanja, thank you for stopping by the Sketch Across the World post. I’ve been so inspired by the collective talent and I’m so glad they can be appreciated by everyone.

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