Sketchbook Friday

Mark-making with grass and a larch twig and needles using Herbin inks by Katherine Owen

On my sketchbook Friday I wandered through the garden and into the wood with @beadoodlebug. Along the way we collected nature things which caught our eye. Leaves, plants, whatever had fallen below our feet.  With no plan in mind, we had packed an array of art materials to share along our adventure. Past the pool and onto the top path, sharing creativity and experiences under the canopy of the wood.

View from where we were nestled under the oak trees,

Nestled under two oaks trees, up on the platform above the pool, @beadoodlebug sketched the trees above trying out some walnut ink, sketched with an oak twig, and the wispy green grasses sketched with the larch twig and needles. We commented on how engaging it was to mark-make with nature itself. Such a strong connected feeling to create a sense of place with what we discover. It was more like creative play and experimenting. Such fun!

Green Herbin ink direct mark- making with a larch twig and needles by @beadoodlebug

Today I had  @herbininks in my bag and was keen to bring them out for an airing. So I tried something new. I inked up a piece of fern moss and printed with it in my pocket sketchbook. A direct print, by closing the book and applying pressure. This was so incredibly satisfying. I love the result.

Direct print making using Herbin inks by Katherine Owen

Once this had dried, I tried mark-making with a piece of grass and the larch twig, creating the feeling of being in a forest.

Creative play by Katherine Owen

We both mentioned how much we had enjoyed our creative meditative adventure today. We ended it with a cup of tea and a cake treat. Thank you @beadoodlebug for joining me today, chatting through creative ideas and creating outdoors in the wood. I feel totally refreshed and maybe it’s a different form of forest bathing.

Creative time in the wood.

I hope we’ve inspired you to head out for a creative adventure this weekend and try something new. Having some quality creative time-out really makes a difference.

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  1. lizziwake says:

    I really like these ideas – and the products of the processes you experimented with. You’ve given me ideas…👍

    1. Hi Lizzi, so glad you like the ideas and excited that you might have a go. It was such fun! Please do share if you try it out, I would love to see what you create 🍃

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