Painting with Mulberries

Yesterday I had a creative adventure with three visitors, Hilary, Emma and Ros, who are on holiday in the area.    On our creative amble we discovered a mulberry tree with fruit ready to pick. Wondering what colour it would produced, we all made our mark on the communal sketchbook. All very impressed with the resulting colour. How impressive it looks to have such a striking bold colour on the paper. Isn’t it amazing that you can Paint with the colours of nature.

Group painting using Mulberry fruit (Photo – Katherine Owen)

Wandering on, I said…

“lets see how many different colours in nature we can find, from plants we can recognise.”

It’s like a colour treasure hunt, fun whatever your age. We are all looking closely at tiny flowers, pondering on names to see if we can identify them. A colour on the page just doesn’t seem the same without a name for us to relate it to the flower or plant it came from. We were aware of the ones we shouldn’t pick.

Discovering the colours of nature (Photo – Katherine Owen)

Plants produce surprising colours and sometimes you can’t even second guess them. My favourite other than the Mulberry fruit today, has to be rosebay willow herb, both the flower and leaf. See if you can spot them on the photograph above.

I love the way Painting with Plants brings people together on one sketchbook. Discovering together. (Photo- K.Owen)

With clean hands, we headed to enjoy a cream tea, to complete our day.  We couldn’t miss out on a treat to celebrate nature’s masterpieces.

Thank you all for a fun afternoon on our creative adventure Painting with Plants and connecting with nature. (Photo- K.Owen)

“A beautiful day spent wandering in the garden – picking flowers and seeing what colours they make on the paper. Got to find a red! Very relaxing. “


We hope we have inspired you to go out for a walk and connect with nature or to be creative. If you do, I would love to know.

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  1. Your posts are always inspiring me even though I’ve only found you so recently. I wonder where this inspiration will lead… spring is nearly on us here in NZ and there’ll be more opportunity to do… something!

  2. Liz you should definitely have a go Painting with Plants or edible berries. Especially with those more common species you know. It’s a great way to learn your plants too. I’m off this weekend painting with Plants at the Highland Folk Museum in The Cairngorms, Scotland. 🍃

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