Discovering nature…

My nature discoveries this week…. (Photo – Katherine Owen)

I’ve been out on adventures this week, around the garden, through the fields, into the  woods and to the sea. Whilst exploring, I’ve discovered nature before me that made its way back, in my hand, tucked on my hat and  rustling in my pockets as I wander along.

What a collection to treasure, I feel I’ve stepped back in time to the Victorian nature collectors and I think my visit to the National Library of Wales archives this week rubbed off on me. I’ve revealed below their names and where I discovered them this week.

The frame to my nature discoveries are, are pieces of eucalyptus bark which were lying on the woodland floor, together with birch bark nearby. I collected them whilst listening to a jay bird calling in the distance.

The drift-wood was a stick from Aberystwyth beach, together with the rounded and long stones. I sketched the view and listened to the crashing of the waves. There’s nothing better than the salty air to blow the cobwebs away.

Sketching my view on Aberystwyth Beach (Photo: K. Owen)

The ginkgo leaves on the left are ones I discovered in the garden; they are starting to drop early due to the heat.  The red leaf and the ridged stone placed next to it are ones I found on the path as I watched the butterflies fly by.

With the breeze on my face and rustling in the trees, I came across the acorns which have fallen before their time, out in the field. There is not enough water for them to hang on tight till autumn.

The bark next to the acorns was lying on the grass under the canopy of the Scots Pine trees. Their pine scent reminds me of my time in the Highlands as I walk beneath these fine trees.

The tiny London Plane tree leaves have a fluffy texture which I’ve never felt before. The seed keys are from Acer trees and the seeds that look like stars are from Beech trees.  They wouldn’t let me go by without gathering them up for this star collection.

Eucalyptus, Scots pine and a mix of seed heads are on the far right, collected for their shapes, textures and colours, to complete this Discoverng Nature Art Piece this week.

The next time you go out for a walk, see what you might find below your feet as you go by. You might have treasured things from nature in your hand or pocket as you head home, to share with someone you know.




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