Spring is here!


Out on my nature walk today, the exciting burst of colour captivated me. The carpet of vivid purple crocuses were a treat to see, with their bright yellow stamens pointing up to the sky. You can’t miss them as they wave back and forth in the breeze, as the sun shines it’s spotlight onto them.  I had to get down and say hello. They’ve been buried under a foot of snow for two weeks, so no doubt, I could feel their excitement in the air.

This was a lovely way to start my discovery walk today. I was exploring an area for a creative walk I will be leading in September for the Kington Walking Festival.

I wandered to  a new area and was excited to see what  treats I could discover along the way.  I explored the river as it meandered through the field, with trees standing on its banks, the water uncovering some of their roots.  The little things catch my eye as I walk by- the alder cones on the trees, fungi, moss, and bark up close full of beetle holes. I listened to the birds calling and the surrounding sounds from the town created a unique soundscape for my walk. I love discovering the little things, which people often pass by.  They can build an exciting nature diary which helps paint a picture of your walk.


A real treat for today was finding this turkey tail (Trametes versicolor) bracket fungi. It tends to grow in shelf- like formations and feeds off tree trunks, branches, stumps or decaying logs. It is a vital wood decomposer and is an important part of our ecosystem. The Japanese refer to Turkey Tail Kawaritake, which means ‘cloud mushroom’.  Scientists since 1960’s have been researching the medicinal properties this mushroom has on the immune system, as well as an anti-tumour agent. This small colourful decomposer has a presence in the world of medical research. Who knows what it could help us with in the future?


The colours and patterns in nature are incredible to see, and inspiration for all those with a creative eye. Everyone has an opportunity to discover and start seeing and creating.

Have a look the next time you are walking; explore and see how many colours in nature  you discover.

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