Sketching in the Snow

Diana Witch Hazel in flower

I’ve been snowed in for a few days following Storm Emma, bringing those icy winds our way and blowing the snow into sculptural drifts throughout the Countryside.

The sunshine was bright, so I ventured out all wrapped up, with my camera and Sketchbook in hand, heading into a foot of snow, to see what caught  my eye.

I discovered Huge icicles 4ft long, like hanging spikes off the side of the house. They were amazing! Like pieces of LandArt glistening in the sunshine. They drip as they melt.

The garden was beautiful, covered in deep snow, with  the yew hedge looking as though it had a dusting of icing sugar. I spotted the bright red of the Diana Witch Hazel (Hamamelis x intermedia Diana) in flower. Such an incredible vibrant colour agsinst the white of the snow.

Sketching in the snow

I love sketching outside, it’s so different and in the moment. It’s important to include creativity in your everyday life, especially if it’s your passion. It was the little things that were framed by the snow that caught my eye today. Nature’s treasures, like a leaf from the cut leaved beech and the fallen lichen and moss from the upper-most branches of a tree, all showing their amazing colours.  I sat and admired them, as the snow glistened around them,  whilst listening to the soundscape of garden birds.

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