The Uffington White Horse


Today I’ve been wandering in an ancient landscape and was greeted by LandArt that dates back to the Iron Age, maybe even the Bronze Age.  I stood before the Uffington White Horse, on White Horse Hill in Oxfordshire, with my sketching materials ready, my blackwing pencil in hand, ready to capture this magical landscape. (Uffington Horse is to the top right in the photo). Even on this hazy day it looks amazing.

The stylised shape of the Uffington horse is different to those you can see in Wiltshire. This shape intrigues me so much that I wanted to visit, walk the land, and sketch this LandArt that has nestled on this hillside  for so long. The best view is from the air, but from my view-point on the ground I could see most of the horse, sadly not the head. Stood on site, you are too close to appreciate the full shape. When you are stood in a spot for some time and take everything in, it’s amazing what you start to notice.  A red kite circled before me and skylarks called from above, a treat for all the senses.

Sketching in the landscape allows me to really connect with the place I’m in. Take some time to connect with your ancient landscape.



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