Colours of Nature


Discovering the Iris’s on the lawn recently, made me think about how they  brighten our surroundings, providing us with renewed energy. The colours of nature emerge as a spectacular display, their moment to say, “we are here”. We don’t realise the importance of colour in our lives.

This is my favourite time of year, my admiration for the incredible palette of nature. Someone shared an article with me this week on Abraham Gottlob Werner’s 19th-century book, Nomenclature of Colours. The book displays a colour swatch with poetic descriptions, both captured from nature. For instance Prussian Blue, a colour we find today in paint sets, ‘composed of the beauty spot from the pattern on the wing of the Mallard Duck’. You can read more in the article here. It has inspired me to create my own palette of colours, which I use for Painting with Plants. I’m excited to see what new discoveries I make this year.

This is springs moment, so take some time to appreciate the colours before you. How many can you discover?

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