Sketch Across the World 2022

@di.metcalf in Cape Town, South Africa sketching,
in nature.

On the 30th April and 1st May 2022 we gathered together across the World, with sketchbooks in hand, for some time outside sketching in nature. Thank you so much to everyone who joined in this year, what an adventure we have been on.

We all need an opportunity to explore and it’s been amazing to travel virtually to so many parts of the World through your sketches. As they came in on the breeze, it was so inspiring to see your creativity and connections with nature. I’ve enjoyed every moment and have added some highlights from the weekend below together with a link to the gallery of images. So grab a cuppa and get comfy and enjoy the virtual travel adventure.

@lizzydoone sketched the Northern Cricket Frogs in Tennessee

🌱We started off in America with @lizzydoone sketching the singing Northern Cricket frogs from her kayak adventure in Tennessee. The frogs are so tiny only 1 inch when fully grown. From the floating adventure we ventured onto a Seattle botanical garden where shared her experience of the gardens with us, before we headed onto Australia to explore with @geolygeorge the native Manna gum tree 1,000 years old and swamp gums with a lemon scent. Many of you were out for the dawn chorus, @asamandadraws in the UK and @danammjohnson on Apostle Islands, Northern Wisconsin. I was out too and it was such an inspiring way to start the Sketch Across the World weekend emersed in a soundscape of nature. One for us all to experience if you get the chance. Your connections with nature were so compelling this year, so much more compared to previous years, you explored using your senses and that was so wonderful to experience.

🌱The most Northerly sketch came from @judyintheyukon in a very cold White Horse in the Yukon, where she stepped through melting snow a foot step deep to capture the landscape before her. This was most probably our coldest sketch location this year.

The most Northerly sketch came from @judyintheyukon in White Horse in the Yukon.

🌱The most Southerly Sketch came in from @geolygeorge in Bellbrae Victoria, Australia, where he saw Wedge Tailed Eagles and Kangaroos how amazing is that?

The most Southerly Sketch came in from @geolygeorge in Bellbrae, Australia.

🌱The longest sketch was created by @carole_milon in Toronto. She took her 20ft roll of cotton rag paper on a walk to the river, discovering a hunk of charcoal to create with. Capturing marks of the sense of place and capturing the sounds around her. Adventures like this challenge us to try something new.

The longest sketch was created by @carole_milon in Toronto.

Here are a few that make me smile when I see them, from @bonniejanemc handmade sketchbook in the Ottawa Valley, @larianaglenny_art painting of native plants in South Africa and @jocelyn_at_lefayard vibrant beauty of a meadow in France. I would love to hear which sketches inspire you.

@bonniejanemc in the Ottawa Valley, Ontario created a fabulous pocket concertina sketchbook for Sketch Across the World and filled it with treasure.
@laurianaglenny_art in province of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa
@jocelyn_at_lefayard capturing the buttercup yellow in a meadow in France

🌱Something which inspires me so much each year are those who go outside to sketch for the first time. To take that step when it’s all so new, the unknown. Ashley in Indiana ventured to sketch in her garden and gained so much more from the experience, which was so lovely to hear.

Participating for the first time was fulfilling in such a way that I maybe didn’t even realize how much I needed it. Taking even just a few moments to really slow down, focus, and connect with what was around me nourished my soul. In this season of life with young children, it’s so difficult sometimes to find those quiet moments. After my time outside sketching, I felt so recharged, calm, and centered. I’m going to be more intentional about asking for help to be able to have more of those moments.

@ashleybergdoll317 (Indiana, USA)
Ashley sketching in her garden in Indiana (USA)

🌱Here are some highlights: 116 artists took part across 5 Continents, including Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. We literally sketched across the World. You join in from, Alabama, Albany Western Australia, Brisbane, Colorado, Eastern Europe, England, Florida, France, Hungary, Germany, Gulf Coast, Hong Kong, Indiana, Island of Maui Hawaii, Italy, Kansas, Kuala Lumpur,Netherlands, New Brunswick, New Jersey, New South Wales, Ontario, Ottawa, Pacific North West, Perth Western Australia, Queensland, Scotland, Seattle, Singapore, South Africa, Southern Ireland, South Paros Greece, Spain, Tennessee, USA, Victoria Australia, Wales, Wisconsin, Yukon, Zurich Switzerland.

A map for Sketch Across the World 2022
(Map created in

🌱230 sketches created over the weekend, you shared the nature from your part of the World, sketching Frogs calling, Canadian geese and their goslings, shield bugs, trees, flowers, butterflies, bees, seaweed mosses, lichens, deer, fungus. Taking us on adventures to rivers, rocks, into woodlands and to the sea. To the island of Maui, Hawaii Island where @paint.there painted orchids growing on a hapu’u fern, as the heavy rain squalls passed through on the edge of the rainforest adding to the painting. From rain joining in, you created with handmade ink and made brushes from nature to make marks on the page. And for those with wilderness on their doorstep, you went out into the bush or to the Mountain top. Capturing soaring Wedge tailed Eagles as they whistled in the sky, a mob of kangaroos as they sat on the skyline to a little blue masked honey eater bird such a beautiful bird all in Australia. I loved the soundscape sketchbook video created by @clare.wilks in West Tanpit wood, North Somerset, following the Woodland streams, with wild garlic, bluebells, celandines, wood anemones. So many amazing moments, what an adventure it has been.

Sketch Across the World Gallery 2022

You can explore and have an adventure through the amazing gallery we created on Instagram for Sketch Across the World! If you love a sketch please do let people know, I hope they inspire you to try sketching outside in nature too. By clicking on the link above you will access the first sketch by @lizzydoone, in her post is the #sketchacrosstheworld22 hashtag, click on this to see the full gallery. (Instagram link sharing work around 😬). If you are on Instagram the hashtag is on my @walkingsketchbook profile.

In the #sketchacrosstheworld22 gallery on Instagram, from the top left @jocelyn_at_lefayard, @di.metcalf, @conversations_with_trees, @louiselby, @derynabrahams_art, @mtenente, @trista_hertz, @maritajill, @shecanseethehills,, @lizzydoone and @bonniejanemc

A Big Thank you to @alicedrawstheline for joining me on day two. I had an amazing time out in Nature Sketching over the weekend. Thank you once again everyone for joining our nature connection adventure and I hope you’ve enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to seeing your new adventures inspired by our Sketch Across the World Adventures.

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  1. All the various sketches prove how inspiring nature is to so many different people. And how talented so many of you sketchers are. Thank you for sharing some of these works.

    1. Thank you so much Tanja, so pleased you enjoyed seeing the Sketch Across the World Adventures. Nature is so inspiration. 🌱

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