Moment Sketchers

Sketching on Hergest Ridge Trig Point

Out of the door and onto the Ridge today to feel the wind on my face for #momentsketchers

I said hello to the Monkey Puzzle trees as I passed by and onto the Trig Point ( the highest point) on the hill to sketch my view. It was a freezing cold 🥶 wind at the trig point and I had to stand behind it to get out of the wind. The top of the trig became my sketch-board and out with my watercolour paints to capture my view. The lovely @wildthorne paints were perfect for today’s moody sky and cold feel.

I had walkers coming up to me today to see what I was up to, both interested in art but not tried sketching outside. I chatted about materials I use and how sketching outside made me feel more connected to where I had walked. You feel like you are taking a piece of the landscape away with you in your sketchbook. Some of my materials I recommended to walkers today included:

🌿@penteluk water brushes 🌿@wilthorne watercolours 🌿 Windsor & Newton travel watercolour sketch set 🌿 Carandache pencils 🌿 Seawhite of Brighton Sketchbooks

The key to trying to sketch outside is to reduce your sketch kit down, less is more. I had my Seawhite of Brighton square format sketchbook today. I am enjoying this format at the moment and it’s a handy size to have in your rucksack. Once down from the Ridge and with a hot cup of tea in hand, I posted my sketches on Instagram and tagged in #momentsketchers

my view from the trig point

I hope this has inspired an outdoor sketching adventure. I would love to hear about it if you do. Happy Sketching everyone!

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