Sketching the Sense of Place

Alice Draws the Line Sketching on Hergest Ridge

Last week we ventured out for the Sketching the Sense of Place walk for Kington Walking Festival. Bright sunshine, nature connection and exploring creativity all present as we ambled along our route. Through the trees we listened to the sounds around us, noticing the light shining through the canopy, touching the moss covered trunks of trees as we passed by.

The group sketching nature close-up doing a continuous line drawing.

Out of the trees and onto the track, we found a spot to sketch nature close-up, doing a continuous line drawing, where once you put your pencil on the paper and you can’t lift it off the page until the drawing is complete. Such a good exercise to get you looking closer at nature. As part of the exercise, people were asked to identify what they were sketching, so there was a little nature identification session too.

Continious line drawing by Rebecca Reynolds.

Further the track we stopped where the view opened out and with inks, sticks, leaves and grasses, we created patterns, printed or sketched our view. Using a piece of grass to draw with is such a liberating experience. It allows you to feel free in your creative experience.

Alice sketching with grass and ink

From the Woodland, we climbed over a stile and out onto the edge of Hergest Ridge. We explored painting with plant pigment as we walked up to our next view point. What a view we had and in the sunshine everyone sketched whatever inspired them.

The lovely creative group on Hergest Ridge

They all had such a fabulous time they didn’t want to leave the Ridge. So with extra time, we wandered back down, chatting along the way. What a great creative adventure we had for Kington Walking Festival.

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  1. Jules says:

    Super post Catherine. What a wonderful event!

    1. Thank you so much Jules. Hopefully one day we will go on a creative walk. 🌿🎨

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