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Stanner, Herrock and Bradnor Hills from Hanter Hill by Katherine Owen (The Walking Sketchbook)

It’s #sketchacrosstheworld weekend and on the first day I ventured into my local landscape. You can still join in today with Day 2.

Yesterday was like a dream, the most perfect weather for sketching outdoors, although an interesting blustery wind which was determined to take my sketch board away.

I went for a 7 mile stomp around the hills to take in the fresh air and painted a mixed media wooden board with acrylic and pencil in the glorious sunshine. A little excitement today using a Sprout coloured pencil. Once you can no longer use it, you can plant it in a pot and it will grow into a rosemary plant. How amazing is that!

I sat nestled on Hanter Hill (an extinct volcano), with the gusty winds determined to take my materials away. So my rucksack was useful for weighting things down.

View towards Stanner rocks (left), Herrock and Bradnor Hills, Worsel Wood to the bottom left.

I was sat looking towards Stanner rocks, Herrock and Bradnor Hills and Worsel Wood beneath. I sat on an ancient rock formation 600 million years old, with the #offasdykepath within my sight.

I could hear the skylarks calling, with a buzzard circling above. A dung beetle came over to see what I was up to, then he beetled off. A cricket, spider and fly all turned up first to view my art. I think they approved as they stayed a while to check out the colours.

Materials I used for the mixed media piece.

On my way back I saw a speckled brown butterfly amongst a carpet of flowers, then a large white and a red admiral all dotting about as a Red Kite (bird) floated by in the wind. I felt totally refreshed and made my way back to see who had been out on creative adventures and shared their bit of the world. If you scroll to the bottom of this blog, you will see posts on my Instagram. To see the World Sketch Gallery, search for the hashtag on Instagram to be inspired to join in.

Join us today to sketch wherever you are in the World. Share on Instagram and tag #sketchacrosstheworld – We will look forward to you joining in.

To look at any thing.,

If you would know that thing,

You must look at it long…

John Moffitt

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