Sketching with ink

Sketching with ink on Hergest Ridge

With the sunshine out and new #jherbin inks arrived, I was itching to take them onto Hergest Ridge to explore sketching with these new gorgeous colours. A few weeks ago Josephine Birch (Artist), pulled out a bottle of Cacao du Bresil from her bag. As soon as I saw it in her sketchbook I had to have a go. I paired it with some Vert Olive green. With me, I also had my usual kit wrapped up in my Pegandawl mini art roll, and also some acrylics. I had primed a wooden board the night before and without considering the permanence of the ink on the board, I naturally went for the inks and sketched the landscape, like I had always been using them.

I didn’t have a preconceived idea where I would stop and how I would sketch today, I just went with my creativity. Using the inks I went for a more abstract approach to capturing in the landscape before me. I loved how the colours went together. I added some water to some green ink and mixed in my palette to produce this light colour for the background hills. I wasn’t completely happy until I had added some coloured pencil detail, for a mixed media piece.

The pencil detail added

A couple with a dog passed by, but otherwise I was alone to focus on my sketching. I had found a stone to sit by and I enjoyed listening to the skylarks above me. Creativity outdoors and connecting with the landscape is so good for you.

It’s so exciting completing a sketch on wood using inks out in the hills and then carrying the completed piece back as it drys in the wind.

The Walking Sketchbook

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  1. Ms. Liz says:

    I love those two colours together! They’re beautiful!

    1. Thank you Liz. I love them too. Not two colours I would normally put together.

    1. Thank you Maxine. I am loving the colours too, so many more to explore. 🎨

  2. A whole world of colour! I’m still exploring and it never ceases to delight! Have fun with your journey 🙂

  3. How lovely it must have been to hear the skylarks while you were out sketching!

    1. Hi Tanja, it is so lovely to hear the birds calling as I create outdoors. Part of the reason I step out to create.

      1. I don’t sketch, but I have jotted down lines and pages of words while walking among the birds and flowers. Nature is so inspiring.

      2. That sounds perfect! 🍃

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