Painting on Wood


Last weekend with snow on the ground, I stepped out of my comfort zone in my moonboots (so anything is possible), to try out painting my view with my #turneracrylgouache paints from @turnercolourworks on wood which I primed the night before  in preparation. I applied two coats of white primer onto my piece of plyboard, trying to ensure I kept an even application. The excitement was growing, I planned to share this creation as part of #momentsketchers a monthly sketching challenge on Instagram. You can read more about this months via the Moment Sketchers Blog, which I’m featured in.  

I found the perfect spot and bench to set up my outdoor studio.

I was so excited to try painting on wood, but absolutely terrified at the same time, when faced with my view and the blank white board to paint on.

This was a day when I totally went with my creativity and the process was so different to my watercolour sketches in my sketchbook. I added the shapes of the hills with brown lines to start, I was aiming for an abstract landscape approach inspired by the work of Kyffin Williams and William Mills. Acrylics need more time and a careful approach with more planning, but I will definitely be doing this again.

Close up of the detail, mixed media.

The melting snow highlighted the green fields in the distance was the perfect subject for an abstract painting. Once I started painting I settled in more as I became absorbed by the process. I used a small piece of rag to smudge the acrylics with some water on it. I don’t know why I found it a scary process to start, because at any point you could paint over what you have done and start again. As I added in watercolour and coloured pencil lines and developed it into a mixed media piece, I was much happier.

The art materials I used today.

As I smudged and swirled the paint to create clouds, I listened to the woodpecker as the sun shined down, keeping me warm. I would definitely say if you’ve never painted on wood, then this is something you should try. You won’t regret it. My finished piece is on the mantle shelf waiting to be hung on the wall. I keep looking at it and thinking, with surprise, I did that. Everyone should push their creativity boundaries, who knows where it will take you.

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