Artists together

As the mist and heavy dew was lifting outside, on my Sketchbook Friday,  I wandered out to meet an inspiring Shropshire artist, Alice Savery from Alice Draws the Line, who was heading over for a creative morning. I was excited to be meeting another artist and a chance to see things with different eyes.

The spider’s webs on the metal railings caught my eye as the sunshine burning  through the mist caught the threads. They resemble pearls of wisdom that different people can bring to you. It made me think about new connections and creativity coming together in an organic way.

Tiny toadstool by The Walking Sketchbook

It was fun and inspiring to meet Alice. We walked into the garden, through the magic gate and into the fields, talking and sharing experiences and discoving nature together under the trees, out into the open fields and nestled amongst the moss covered floor. We captured nature in photographs, in our mind’s eye, and collected bundles of treasures into our pockets and baskets along the way, from the bright coloured leaves to the tiny, weeny toadstools.

One red leaf by the The Walking Sketchbook

We discovered our passions for nature connection and creativity. As a forest school leader, Alice brings nature and creativity together to share and inspire others. You can discover more about her work and adventures linked to the forest here – Drawn to the Forest



We both had our rucksacks packed with our art materials, but on this morning we didn’t sketch. Taking the time to share knowledge and contacts whilst discovering  nature  with another artist we felt was so important. It will bring inspiration for new and exciting work, making you think of things you have never tried. I learnt that you can make paper from birch polypore. I’m very excited about this.

Looking up by The Walking Sketchbook

We looked up, heard the jays skreaching, smelt the pines and absorbed the colours before us.  Afterward our adventure and a refreshing pitstop,  I wandered back and with my treasures created this LandArt piece below. It was so exciting to see them collected together on this large piece of paper birch bark which I found on the floor, waiting for me to discover it.

Created by the Walking Sketchbook
Created by the Walking Sketchbook

Maybe you could gather some artists together within your area, spread your creative inspiration. You never know what new ideas  you might share with someone and what might come your way. I’m looking forward to my next artist adventure already.

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  1. Ali says:

    I love your collection. Autumn is a great time to discover treasures.

    1. Thank you Ali. It is a special time to gather treasures. The next time you are out for a wander, see what you gather and create. 🍁

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