Bold Colour


9DB8F312-BC7E-4837-A093-1D07C2D11460Out of the drawer and onto the palette, I wanted to explore the boldness of  colour, indoors this time. Acrylics are not my usual choice for my sketchbook, but recently I have been admiring Abstract Art and I have been inspired to have a go. With no preconceived pattern in my head, the paint brush went for the blue and yellow, mark making onto the page. It was very exciting to be so bold, it’s so not like me when it comes to painting. I love the bright colours they produce. I felt the urge to add the pencil marks after and the writing as words fell into my mind, as it sparked a resemblance to the day, a mix of sunshine and showers. This approach felt as though my paint brush could be free. It made me consider my outdoor sketching. Could I try approaching this with bold colours?

I picked up a book called The Landscape Artist Drawing Bible  by Hazel Harrison and recreated her painting in watercolour of a poppy field. It was so different applying such bold bright watercolours, another way you could capture your walks and travels in your sketchbook. The abstract approach could be an option when you are inspired by shapes and colours when you have less time. I’m loving this vibrant feel in my sketchbook.


Colour is something which is so important in my creativity from my photography, LandArt and sketching. If you don’t try new things, you might be missing out on a whole new medium which could really makes you buzz with excitement as an artist. We are so often put into a box when it comes to your art, if I’m a watercolour artist or a land artist. Find the courage to have a go… I think that’s the most important thing. You will be so pleased when you do. I really want to have a go at painting on wooden boards with acrylics, whilst out on a walk. Now that would be very exciting. What would you like to try and when do you plan to have a go?




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