Castlerigg Stone Circle

My sketching and painting materials, together with the small tin of Florence Paintmakers deep yellow watercolour.

I was very excited to visit Castlerigg Stone Circle, on an adventure near Keswick.  It’s an amazing place to visit, nestled on a hill top; the plateau it sits on forms a raised centre of a natural amphitheatre created by the surrounding fells. I was able to see some of the highest peaks in Cumbria, including Blencathra, Grasmoor, Skiddaw and Helvellyn. It’s a place where you can connect with the past and let your imagination flow.

It is incredible to Sketch in such a special historic place, to consider whilst observing how long the stones have been gathered and who used to visit, and who has sat and leant on them…

The stones  were created using local metamorphic slate around 3,200BC. It is said that it’s impossible to count the correct number of stones, you will get a different total each time.  We counted 40, which matches the total given by the National Trust. When you visit, see how many you can count.

Castlerigg Stone Circle

I was excited to try some new local watercolour paint made by Florence Paintmakers in Egremont, purchased from Rheged. I tried St.Bees Yellow, the dark yellow pigment which comes from the yellow sandstone found near St.Bees. They use mead produced by a local beekeeper as a preservative.  There’s something special about painting using pigment from the area, I feel a deeper connection to the land via my sketchbook.

Sketch of the stones in pencil and coloured with green watercolour and St.Bees Yellow from local pigment.

I am looking forward already to my next adventure and where my sketchbook and I will travel to. I hope you have made it outside to be creative and to connect with the landscape.

Instagram: @thewalkingsketchbook


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