Sketching & LandArt


Just as my Moon Boots thought their time was up for another year, they were on and we were out ready to create, whatever the weather. The vibrant sulphur- yellow of the Witch Hazel caught my eye against the snow as I wandered by. I could feel their excitement as I took the time to admire their colourful display. I had to photograph and record them in my nature sketchbook. It’s these spring moments being out, walking and capturing them, whether through sketching, photography or writing, that are important, to ensure we acknowledge the change in the seasons.

The snow kept falling onto my sketchbook, which added  to the paint effect. Sometimes, you have to go with the weather and incorporate it in your drawing. It can leave its mark from the day. I quite like that, nature getting involved.


I also discovered giant icicles on the greenhouse, which was amazing. This made me excited, to make some LandArt. Making a creation with nature which can go back to nature is very inspiring. I couldn’t resist being a unicorn for a few moments, before making the icicles walk up the snow covered lawn.

The icicles finally made themselves into the Snow Queen’s crown from Narnia, so you can see how much fun I’ve had today. Did you get a chance to go out and create, whatever the weather?


Back in the warmth, I finished my nature sketch, layering the paint and adding Sakura black archival ink. A bright and colourful record  from my walk today.



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  1. I love this fun and creative post. Would you mind if I share with the folks on my blog? I’d like to a) introduce your blog to my followers and b) choose six photos from this post and take some of your text as direct quotes, and add in some (very positive) comments of my own. I can be relied on to properly credit you and also provide links back to your original post and to your blog home. Is that you as the “unicorn”? – would you be ok for me to include that in the photos I use if you let me go ahead?

    1. Hi Liz, thank you I am so glad you enjoyed the post and I would be very happy for you to share my blog post with your followers. That is me as a unicorn. ☺️ I’m happy for you to use the content and photos and credit as mentioned. Best Wishes, Katherine

      1. Thanks Katherine, I’m looking forward to sharing (probably later in the week). Many thanks! – Liz

  2. I’ll publish tonight Katherine just after midnight NZ-time. I’ll be Zzzz but for you it’ll be daytime. So please don’t hesitate to visit (pls feel free to leave a like and comment if you wish). Also hopefully there’ll be some comments from readers and I invite you to jump in and respond to comments – don’t be “polite” and wait for me! You’ll probably get a Pingback via your notifications when its published but my home is

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