Inspired by Plants


As seeds lie dormant in the colder weather and trees rest for the winter, I’m dreaming of spring time already. The burst of colour and life makes spring time my favourite time of year.

It is a time when I can discover new plants, learn their names and create new sketches and stories about nature’s creations.

I get so excited about discovering the colours of nature, painting with their pigments and sharing this opportunity with others, allowing them to connect with their environment and for some bringing back memories of childhood. They appear with interest and leave with a smile on their face looking at their new creation.



Above is a sketch I created at Glen Finglas in Scotland and coloured with whatever was surrounding me. Clover, tree leaves and mud, nature’s crayons.  Whenever I look at this sketch it always makes  me smile and transports me back to the spot, with an amazing view before me. Connecting me back to nature.

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  1. Alisa Copeland says:

    Nice weblog here!

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