Creative Inspiration


I went sketching with Iris Glimmerveen from Woodland Inspirations today, who ran a project called Secrets and Senses.  The project was about connecting people with nature, using their senses to improve Health and Well-Being.

Iris is having some creative time today and trying out my Walking Sketchbook Kit.  We are in the garden at Hergest, a place to inspire all, whatever your interest. The sun is out and shining on our faces, through the Maple leaves. What treats will await us?

We found a spot and listened to the sounds around us, noting what we hear before sketching.  I can hear a pheasant calling, and a Jay bird squabbling with a magpie amongst the trees. I hear a green woodpecker tapping against a tree, then calling as it flies by. I also see a butterfly land on the trunk of the Cedar tree and bask in the sunshine. Taking that time to just listen and use your senses is valuable to do. You will start to notice the little things in nature, which are the important things.

I’ve spotted oak and holly saplings grow amongst the leaf-litter, and I sit nearby to start sketching them. I’m using a pencil to sketch the saplings first and then colour them with watercolours, finishing them off with black waterproof ink. I have a different perspective here, thinking about the little things that grow and the seeds in the ground, waiting for their moment to appear next Spring.


Iris sketched and painted me being  creative, which was a surprise to see.  She enjoyed using her sketching set, the sketching board, watercolour book, paints and pencil.

imageAbove: Iris’ portrait of me, whilst Sketching at Hergest. 

“I’ve enjoyed my time out with the trees today.” Iris mentioned.

We finished by taking photographs of the amazing Acer trees and their incredible colours, with big smiles on our faces.



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