A Palette of Autumn Colours


The day started with a frosty crisp to the ground, so I left it until the afternoon to head out with my sketchbook, wrapped up warm and excited about my sketching adventure. I’m captivated by the incredible Autumn colours at Hergest. I’ve not wandered far to get a collection of red leaves- not only this colour, but a whole palette of colours and some just in one leaf. I  look closely at the patterns that Autumn brings to the leaves. Don’t you just love the magic of Autumn and the trees’ celebration of this time, with their exhibition of changing leaf colours?

A leaf of the Prunus shizuka (which means Fragnant Cloud), known as a Cherry Tree, to most of us. It stopped me in my tracks. Out comes my sketchbook, board and pencil. Without a second thought, this fine cherry leaf is being celebrated by making its way into my sketchbook.


My watercolours are out and I’m going be painting a bit more abstract colours today- I feel like experimenting.  What a feast for the eyes! I’m surrounded by colour.

Sat under the Cherry tree, I start thinking of the beautiful blossom in spring time and what a spectacular time this is to see them too. Celebrations are held under cherry trees in Japan in Spring time. This is called a Hanami, where they celebrate the cherry blossom. They gather for food and drink and view the blossom together. This celebration stretches back to the Heian Period (794 – 1185), when Hanami parties were also held beneath Wisteria and Plum Blossom too.


I add the Ink and words relating to the cherry around the edge of the leaf. Seeing the vibrant leaf reminds me of the amazing colours I’ve seen today. I hope you get a chance to head out and explore this weekend and sketch or write about what you see and hear, capturing the changes in the seasons.





5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sumayya Ali says:

    Well written poetic 👏

    1. Sumayya thank you for your lovely feedback. 🍃

      1. Sumayya Ali says:

        The Walking Sketchbook most welcome and keep going.

      2. Lots more to come… 🍃

      3. Sumayya Ali says:

        The Walking Sketchbook thats good as I’m looking forward to your blogs and I wanna read u more.

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