Sketching at Hergest Croft Gardens

Today, I’ve been out in the sunshine sketching in Hergest Croft Gardens.  I was exploring the treasures that Autumn brings us, with the beautiful  palette of leaf colours fluttering from the trees before me.  The beech leaves and seed husks caught my eye and a few made it into my pocket. I found the perfect spot to sit and sketch whilst listening to the birds singing around me. It was a delight for the senses today.

I had my new birch sketching board with The Walking Sketchbook Logo on, I was so excited to take it on its first outing. If you come on one of my workshops in Spring 2018, you will be able to experience using one. Keep your eye out for information about the workshops.

I find it so relaxing sketching outside and today I enjoyed capturing the detail of the leaf and seed husk from the common beech tree. It’s a perfect time to see its changing colours.  Hergest has two mature common beech trees, 200 years old. They also have a fine cut-leaved beech and beautiful weeping beech towards the croquet lawn.

I reached into my pocket and carefully clutched the beech leaves and seed husk and placed them on my sketching board.  First  of all with a HB pencil I sketched them  and added some text to identify the species and location. I then add colour using watercolours and finish off outlining with waterproof archival quality Indian ink.

Sketching Beech leaves and seed husk
My completed sketch outlined with Indian ink
The Walking Sketchbook Logo etched onto the Birch Sketch board

Connecting with nature whilst being creative is such a special thing to do. We should encourage everyone to take some time out in nature.

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