Sketching in Norway


Sketching on the Lofoten Islands

In early September I ventured to the Lofoten Islands for a well earned break. Whilst I was there, I wanted time with my sketchbook. I’m so glad I did. I connected much more by  drawing my view,  compared to the click of my camera. My sketches mean so much more to me, now I am home and looking back through them.

whilst I was on the Lofoten Islands, as the Aurora danced in the sky above me, I developed my new logo for The Walking Sketchbook. It started as a sketch of a pair of boots with paint brushes and finally ended up as a sketch of a book with a picture of me, the title of The Walking Sketchbook, and a paint brush. I love it! It’s just so right for me and I am so excited about developing it further. So here I am, sharing it with you. I hope you enjoy my creative journey and maybe join me sometime too.



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