Kington Walking Festival

Creativity with plant pigments today

What a glorious sunny day we had today for the ‘Discovering Nature’s Colours’ Walk as part of Kington Walking Festival. We were lucky to be able to explore at The Rhodd’s Farm, Lyonshall with thanks to Cary and Richard.

Our aim today was to connect with nature around us, learn the plant names and capture the colours from the plants themselves. We learnt to collect responsibly and safely, always being mindful of what we are collecting. The birds were singing as we walked through the gardens and into the Woodland.

The colours from plant pigments we collected along the way

It was exciting to see people experimenting with colour from bark, not something I’ve experienced on a walk before and capturing the colour from the gills of a field mushroom, which looked a charcoal black colour. I’m always inspired by those who don’t feel they are creative and then they create something incredible on the day, beyond their wildest dreams. We experienced this today.

These two beautiful creations were created by Shelia and Adrian. I think more creativity will come in time.

A really great experience! Thoroughly enjoyed despite feeling apprehensive and fearful of my lack of artistic skill. Katherine was supportive and enthusiastic and made the session relaxed and fun. Now I feel much more confident and can’t wait to get going on my own.


Thank you for such a fascinating glimpse into the possibilities and inner beauties of plants! So much variety, interest and excitement now for a more colourful future! A great walk.

Colours discovered in Michael’s garden on his return home.

What a magical morning that was! I hope everyone got as much as I did. I couldn’t wait to get started again when I got home. Here’s the result of a quick walk round the garden. Thanks so much.


I’m super pleased when someone goes straight home and captures the colours from their own garden. I love inspiring others to be creative and I very much felt this today.

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