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Sketching in Skirrid Wood

Yay, it’s Sketchbook Friday and today I met up with Siwan Gillick (Abstract Landscape Artist) for a wander up the Skirrid Fawr Mountain near Abergavenny. Through the rain drops we walked amongst the atmospheric wood, discovering nature along the way. My first bluebell flower of the season greeted us amongst the wood anemones. We met some incredible twisted hawthorns bursting with character. I was sure they had something to tell us…

This characterful Hawthorn reminded me of a twisted pastry.

We walked up onto the top of the mountain and into the cloud. No view for us today, but discovered some crocodile patterned snow guiding our way. We retreated back down through the wood where we sketched as the rain dripped from the trees onto our sketchbooks. I had a closer look at nature, sketching an adder tongue fern, a bright orange slime mould and a slug wandering around a wizardy Hawthorn tree as Siwan sketched the trees themselves.

With fresh air in our lungs and raindrops on our heads, we felt refreshed today as we begin our weekend. What you planning to do outdoors this weekend?

Sketching nature in Skirrid Wood

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks

John Muir

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