Seaside Sketching

Sketching on Fairbourne Beach in North Wales

There’s nothing like a visit to the sea to start a New Year. With the wind in your hair and salty air in your lungs, it feels like a refreshing process. Whilst spending a few days in North Wales in a lovely creative retreat nestled close to woods, rivers, sea and mountains called Y Gribyn Cottage, at Caban Cader Idris, I found myself 4 miles from the beach. I grew up next to the sea, so it’s part of me now and whenever I’m close, I just have to go. Fairbourne has a beach of stones which I absolutely love and it looks across to Barmouths sandy beach, I could spend ages cwtched up on the shore, beach-combing and sketching.

Fairbourne beach looking across to Barmouth’s sandy beach

I just loved the way the beach curved around with a fence on the sand dunes. I found my spot and sat with my back to the wind. It wasn’t the warmest of days, so I was wrapped up with my bobble hat and gloves on as I sketched my view. When I’m in a location, I’m trying to capture the essence of where I am. I do not intend to sketch all the detail, only to provide a hint of this type of landscape. I was travelling with only my travelling Windsor and Cotman watercolour set, water brush, pearl blackwing pencil and coloured pencils for highlighting edges. You can see from my paint set which colours I use the most. I need to replace some colours, but wait until they are really low before I do.

The left hand part of the sketch close-up
The right hand side of the sketch in detail.

Whilst on the beach, I collected some shells, inspired by others using them as paint containers. It would be so lovely for the paints to be in something natural rather than plastic. My aim this year is to reduce my plastic use, which I’m especially trying to do in my arty adventures. Being next to the beach makes you think about the impact we are having on the sea. If I can do something to make a difference, then I will do my best.

I loved sketching on the beach so much today, that I intend to have more beach visits in 2019. There’s something inspiring and refreshing being in this landscape. When was the last time you had creative time on the beach? Too long ago. Make some time today at least to book it into your diary. Enjoy your creative adventures this week, wherever you are.

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  1. We went for a lovely walk on the beach on Christmas Eve. I really enjoyed the colours and textures, and even felt the warmth of the sun for a while. I love the sight of your much-loved watercolours. At least you can replace the tablets of individual colours without needing to buy another box.

    1. Thank you Ali for stopping by my blog. Your Christmas Eve walk sounds lovely and a real treat to feel the warmth of the sun too. I’m pleased I can replace the individual tablets and also keen to explore making my own paints and ink. Lots of exciting things to look forward to this year. I’m booked onto a course with Alice Fox already.

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