Painting with the Wind

Painting with the wind on a Hergest Ridge.

Today I was bursting to try something new with the help of the elements. Wrapped up ready for the weather, I stepped out  and up onto Hergest Ridge. With the wind in my face and the rain pounding my jacket, I walked the route taken by hoof and foot before me. It’s a well trodden  path followed by all.

I planned to paint with the wind today, high up on the ridge.  Looking over towards Hanter hill, Worsell Wood and Stanner Rocks, I sat on the wet grass wearing my waterproof trousers and pulled out my sketchbook and board from my rucksack, and then my paints and water brush.

I added the lemon ochre paint onto my brush and then dribbled the coloured water onto my sketchbook. The wind did the rest and  took the paint across the page, capturing the colours in the landscape before me. Once it had danced around the page with the lemon ochre, I added some red ochre to capture the incredible Autumn colours.

Wind painting with Lemon and Red Ochre Watercolour paints by the Ruby Mountain Company.

It was so liberating to paint with the elements, this approach allows anyone to capture the essence of a place using the wind. Select just two colours to spark your memory when you look back through your sketchbook.

I put my board down and clipped the page and weighted the other corner with my paint tin, so the wind wouldn’t close my sketchbook shut.  I then went for a wander to take in the glorious autumn colours.

Wind Painting, using The Long Peak Palette Made by the Ruby Mountain Company.

On my return to see the painting emerging,  with my pencil I added the shapes of the hills and added their names. You can also add a soundscape as an additional layer. See my previous blog on How to draw sound. I love that you can incorporate painting using the wind  in your sketchbook and this approach is accessible to all, even those who think they are not creative.

The Autumn colours looking towards Worsell Wood.

Next time I would love to try Painting with the wind using inks, so watch this space. If you have a go yourself in the meantime, please do share with me, I would love to see how you get on.  #thewalkingsketchbook.

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