Creative Walk at Kington Festival


Out of the gallery we went and into the drizzle on our Kington Festival creative walk. The group were settled and excited; the rain drops were light and stayed with us as we discovered the pigments the plants hold tight.

Under the tree canopy, Sue, Tricia, Penny and Kaye had a go at Painting with purple and yellow Viola plants we brought with us, creating vibrant flowing colours. ‘I never knew that nature provided colour,’ they said, fixed to the spot as they painted amazing pictures from nature.

The rain for a moment was welcomed when drops of water fell onto the purple colour, turning it blue and merging with others to create a lovely watercolour. An experiment we didn’t expect from the acidity in the rain drops. How exciting!

Purple changing to blue

“Really interesting walk, loved the Painting with Plants. Had no idea one could get such colours using plants, really inspired!”


Creating with plants is an amazing way to see the special things that connect you with nature.  You can learn their names and colours and where they grow today.  Knowing their names places them into your world, where before you may have walked by without considering them.  I can help you to discover the  little things in nature which are special to see. (See my earlier blog on 5 Tips on Painting with Plants).

The Autumn colours of reds and yellows in the leaves encouraged us to take a closer look. We collected leaves, seeds, twigs and bark which lay on the ground following the weather. We named and admired them as we placed them in the basket. What Autumnal treats we were collecting before us.


Undercover, I shared my sketching kit and what is included when sketching out and about, whether a landscape, capturing an essence of an area, or a close up of something I discover on my walk.  Watercolour, LandArt, Photography or Painting with Plants, all are possibilities in my creative toolkit, selecting which may suit what I discover. Whatever the weather, creativity takes place, to create more of a connection with a place.

With creativity emerging, the group selected what they might sketch, some the landscape before them, or the leaves and their amazing colours we collected on our walk.

Some in the group had not drawn before or had left their creativity behind at school.  Keeping it simple, they selected shapes and added lines and then added colour. Step by step their picture emerged. It was exciting to see.


All were surprised and pleased with their creations. We headed back to The Made in the Marches Gallery to get warm, drink tea and eat cake, and share creativity. I loved the way everyone had a go, even if apprehensive, encouraging each other and watching their paintings emerge or develop. Creativity outside and with a group is so inspiring, and I’ve come away so pleased with the creative experience and process, even in the drizzle.

Sue went home, added more to her painting, including the text. How inspiring it is to see someone so thrilled with their end result. I love her creation. I can see a storybook of creations from future walks emerging.

At the end of the day, they all left such lovely feedback and quotes, so great that everyone enjoyed their experience, whatever the weather. This is what they said:

“Loved it!  Thank You. Gave me confidence to know I can actually draw something I can see while outside enjoying a walk. Will certainly do more of this now. Your ideas were excellent and I shall be following those up too. “

“The walk resurrected my interest in using natural pigments and has created a desire to pursue the Art of watercolour.”

“Enjoyed all of Walk. Kath very good leader/teacher. Even the weather didn’t spoil the event.”

I’m looking forward to seeing future creations and today I have been outside in the sunshine, creating a painting with Mulberry juice. It’s not finished yet, so will share it with you later. Have you been creative this weekend?


Thank you to Kington Walking Festival for including me on the programme this year and also to The Made in the Marches Gallery for hosting us.

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  1. As always I enjoyed your beautiful post immensely 🙂

    1. Thank you Liz for stopping by my blog, it’s lovely to hear you enjoyed it. Thank you 🍃

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