Land-Art on the Beach

Off to the beach today for a creative time by the sea. A change in location is always good for experimenting with creativity.  Having grown up by the sea, the salty air takes me right back to those days playing on the beach. Today’s  play time started with a bit of landart. I discovered some slate, split into sharp pieces. I had found my sketching tool.


I then collected some lovely smooth flat stones, the dark grey ones are most effective but I did find a lovely red stone too.  I then sketched a leaf pattern or spiral onto each stone.


Whilst sat admiring the view and listening to the crashing waves, I arranged the stones into a pattern, placing the spiral in the centre first, then placing the individual leaves around the spiral. It’s so rewarding to create a piece of art with materials found.  The next time you are out for a walk or by the beach, have a go. If you do, I would love to see. Share with me by adding #thewalkingsketchbook


I couldn’t resist getting my sketchbook out to capture the sea and rocks. I discovered that I would like to explore sketching animals and wildlife, so there’s a new adventure for my sketchbook. There are lots to learn by sketching things that move. If you have any tips, I would love to hear.



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  1. I am glad you found inspiration at the beach. Your painting and etchings are beautiful.

    1. Thank you Tanja for your lovely feedback. I love Creative adventures on the beach. I wish I lived closer. Next time you are at the beach have a go…

      1. I am no good when it comes to painting with a brush, but might be inspired to paint with words (I hope).

      2. I love your blog and photographs. Painting with words would be amazing too. I would love to learn calligraphy. Have you come across the Canva app? You can add words to your photographs in different fonts then add to your blogs. Have a look. 🍃

      3. Thank you for your kind words, Katherine, and for your recommendation. However, I am a technological dinosaur, as I have never owned a smartphone, or used an app. I will store the suggestion for possible future reference. 😊

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