I have delivered Painting with Plants workshops for The Woodland Trust at their National Volunteering Conference in April, 2017 and for their Engagement & Volunteering Team in October of that year.

“It has inspired and given me confidence to try painting with plants with school groups.  Lovely to have the  time and space to experiment and get hands on. Thank you, very much – Lovely delivery and easy, relaxed style.”

Eleanor Lewis (Woodland Trust National Volunteers Conference). 


I was also at the  Forest Fest at the Highland Folk Museum in Scotland in August, in both 2016 and 2017. Over 100 adults and children from over 10 Countries in the World have experienced the excitement of plant colours

“So if I go on holiday and forget my pens, I can colour with nature?!”

Martha, aged 7. 

“This is great, we can do this at home in the garden.”

Not artistic, really pleased she had a go. 

From Spring 2018 The Walking Sketchbook will be a new and exciting workshop, inspiring everyone to sketch in the landscape. You will also have an opportunity to experience Painting with Plants whilst we are on our walk.

Workshops will be for anyone, even if you think you are not creative. Everyone is creative, it just takes the courage to have a go. I’ve been working with people on a one to one who would like to explore whether they have a creative side. They are so pleased with the results. 

If you are interested in joining me for a Walking Sketchbook Workshop, Painting with Plants Workshop or seeing my Artwork, please get in touch through my contacts page for further details.