The Walking Sketchbook

Creative Walks with small groups

I love sketching and painting in the landscape; it enables me to have a stronger connection with my surroundings. It encourages me to look in more detail and spend time in a location, which then stays with me longer. When I am out and about I will have my sketchbook and camera with me, so I always have the opportunity to create.

If you join me on a walk, it will be a gentle walk and we will be discovering along the way. We will admire the view, look at lines and shapes in the landscape, and consider how we might capture this on the page. We will also look at colours, seeing how we might want to paint what we see. It’s a chance to experiment and have a go.

You don’t have to walk outside planning to capture a masterpiece; this is a way of creating a visual diary of your walks and travels. It can include minimal line sketching and capturing the colours, and personalising with notes from your walk.

In my creative toolkit, you could also experience learning how I approach photographing nature, painting with plants, drawing sound or LandArt. Sometimes it’s about what you might be drawn to on the day. I am happy to tailor a creative walk to suit you.

Pen-Y-Fan in the Brecon Beacons

For  those who do want to record their walks or travels we can filter out the detail, which is the key to sketching more quickly on a walk or travels.

Sketching my view whilst staying in the Brecon Beacons.

I post my creative adventures on Instagram, you can find my feed by searching for @thewalkingsketchbook


I Paint with Plants, using the pigments within the plant itself. I’ve discovered that creating art in this way allows me to form a deeper connection with my environment. It’s exciting discovering the different pigment colours, to see how long the pigments will stay, whilst learning the plant names. I love sharing this with others and seeing their reaction to playing with natures’ colours.