Sketching on Hergest Ridge

Friday, 27th October, 2017, was my first Art Friday allocated to sketching in the landscape. Today I decided to pack my rucksack and head up onto Hergest Ridge, Kington, Herefordshire. An amazing place to go for a wander if you are in the area.  What shall I take with me today in my walking studio? I decided on testing out my new birch sketch board, together with my travelling sketchbook, HB pencil, rubber, pencil sharpener, micron 0.2 black waterproof ink pen, water and holder and Colman watercolour travelling paint set. I packed my lunch and a flask and off I went.

I found the perfect spot to sketch the Whetstone on the ridge. There was a breeze which kept lifting my pages on my sketchbook, so I tacked them down with some blue tack out of my pencil case. I used a piece to also stick my paints to my sketch board.

Sketching the Whetstone on Hergest Ridge
The Whetstone on Hergest Ridge


Sketching at Glen Finglas 

I wanted to capture this amazing landscape when visiting Glen Finglas in Scotland a few years back. I reached into my rucksack to pull out my travelling sketchbook and pencil, then settled down to sketching. Instead of using paints, on this occasion, I painted with whatever plants were around me.


Sketching on the Lofoten Islands, Norway. 

This year I ventured to the Lofoten Islands for a well earned break. Whilst I was there, I wanted time with my sketchbook. I’m so glad I did. I connected much more by drawing my view, compared to the click of my camera. My sketches mean so much more to me, now I am home and looking back through them. If you would like to learn how to sketch in the style below and capture your walks or holidays, keep an eye out for my Walking Sketchbook Workshops coming in Spring 2018 in the UK.