Sketch Across the World

Please note the change in date due to unforeseen circumstances.

On the first weekend in September, join me and folk across the World to sketch outdoors and connect with nature. This will be the 3rd year of Sketch Across the World, see below on how you can join in.

How Sketchers can join in:

1. On the 4th & 5th September 2021, wherever you are in the World, join The Walking Sketchbook to sketch outside and connect with nature.

2. Explore Nature on a new sketch adventure, in your local environment or somewhere special where you can share your nature connection.

3. Share your sketches and experience on Instagram and tag #sketchacrosstheworld2021 joining folk all over the world on a big adventure.

4. You can Search on Instagram for #sketchacrosstheworld2021 click Follow to see the gallery of sketches from around the world in your Instagram feed as they are added over the weekend. Please do leave comments to join the adventure. Only posts in Instagram are included in the gallery.

5. See below some of the posts from previous years and Jane McGregor’s video of her creation from Ontario in Canada from last year for inspiration.

I love this little book created by Jane McGregor during
Sketch Across the World 2020

I am looking forward to you joining us on a Creative Adventure in Nature in May this year!

Looking Back to previous Years

The Sketch Across the World Project came about in 2019 through wanting to encourage folk to sketch outdoors and connect with nature. A chance to experience creativity whatever the weather. Exploring creativity outdoors introduces an inspiring, free -flowing experience.

Sketch Across the World 2020

Wow! What an amazing weekend, we sketched across 6 continents of the World. A total of 203 artists joined us creating 258 sketches, inspiring creative adventures with nature. You can visit the gallery on Instagram by following the hashtag #sketchacrosstheworld

See the following blog about our adventure.

Katherine Owen
The Walking Sketchbook
Sketches created from around the World 2020
Painting with Plant Pigments by Rebecca Reynolds during lockdown 2020

Sketch Across the World 2019

It was an amazing weekend and we sketched across all continents in the world, including Antarctica. A total of 70 artists joined in, producing 116 sketches, inspiring creative outdoors adventures and nature connection. Click on the following hashtag to see the gallery of sketches on Instagram #sketchacrosstheworld. You can also read a blog post with the results here.

Katherine Owen
The Walking Sketchbook

To look, to see, to understand, to capture – however imperfectly – is to be part of the land in a way like no other.

Jan Blencowe –