About me…

I am an Environmental Artist living on the border of Wales, where I take my Creativity   Outdoors  to Connect with Nature.

I love sharing my creativity and inspiring everyone to connect with the Environment around them.   The Walking Sketchbook emerged in 2017, whilst stood beneath an Aurora on the Lofoten Islands in Norway.  

I’ve worked amongst our natural world for the past  18 years  in  the Conservation sector with Woods and Trees. I am trained as a Social Forestry Practitioner and my passion is Art and the Environment  we live in. Combining creativity in the landscape brings my two passions together.

I love working collaboratively on projects, so if you have an idea,  let’s chat.    I am currently working on some mini-projects of my own,  such as, painting with the wind and trees, using inks. It is so exciting, creating with the elements. 

I am looking  forward to meeting you on a creative walk sometime or seeing you through my blog or Instagram feed @thewalkingsketchbook.

Wishing you exciting Creative Adventures!

Katherine Owen🍃

The Walking Sketchbook – by Rebecca Reynolds Photographer